Ciao amici miei! My name is Feliciano Vargaz, I am the personification of North Italy! I really wanted to make one of these blogs so I did! This blog is for any of you to ask me any questions you may have! So why don't you drop something in my ask box?

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America and England reporting in!

We’re here to help out Italy with his 1000 follower special!

We are both gonna take truth or dares until Italy gets back- So-


;; At the dance with Kelsey,she brought her damned tail

[ Whispers ] 3 more followers till 1000

;; If I get to 1000 by the time I get back from the dance I will do something special

;; Waitin to leave for the dance, not feeling good but I rather not waste the money I spent on the ticket.

"will you go out with me *chokes on pretzels*"


 W A T

"have you ever considered maybe getting back together with Hayden? you two were a really cute couple and had a lot in common (at least from what I know). Kerrohun was my OTP.. please answer this if you can, thanks."


I have considered it, yes. But I think it’s better for Hayden and I to find people that are closer to where we live. I always felt so horrible that I couldn’t comfort her when she was sad because I was on the other side of the country. So I think this is much better, and if she gives it time she will find someone who will love her more then I ever could.

It’s just better this way, trust me.

Alright guys,I have been getting messages asking very rudely why I haven’t been on skype lately.

Guys, I hope you all realize I do have a life outside of tumblr. It’s not summer anymore also, I have to go to school and work on homework and such. I am risking failing classes just getting on tumblr for more then an hour or two.

I really do want to be on here much more, but my life is just disagreeing with that right now. I understand that you guys are my friends and get mad when I don’t talk to you. A few of you even go as far as to send very rude messages to me saying " Why the fuck won’t you answer me? I thought we were friends!" 

Guys, We are friends! I am sorry that I can’t stay up until 3 in the morning to talk to you guys anymore, okay?! I have a lot of stress on me right now and this is not helping me!

And the only reason I get on my roleplay blog a lot is because it helps relieve my stress. As some of you know, I very rarely like talking and it makes me feel so run down. But when I roleplay I feel happy and light.

I’m really sorry that I’m a person that needs sleep and some time to myself ( A lot of time because I need it )

"Uhm... You're cute and good luck on your way to 1,000 followers and I hope you gain more than that! O-Oh I love your blog!"


[ Silent ‘Eeeeehhing’ ]

"I-I just wanted to say that I think you're super awesome and I love your blog and just everything about you makes me smile :)"


Awwee- Thank you nonnie!

Go on Anonymous and tell me one thing you’ve been too scared to tell me, but have always wanted to say.

[ Much internal scream ]

"can i date you omg you're so perfect"


I’m sorry to disappoint but I’m far from perfect, but thank you so much!

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10"

Nope. Hold on their Nonnie, only gonna do two!

1. A picture of Mun’s room

2. Mun’s fashion sense?

What is fashion?

Send a number for Munday!


1. A picture of Mun’s room

2. Mun’s fashion sense?

3. Something Mun has made (picture optional).

4. Something Mun always wanted to do as a child.

5. Mun’s favorite Pokemon.

6. Mun’s favorite style to sing to (or what they wish they could sing to).

7. Mun’s favorite physical feature.

8. A happy memory.

9. Anything Mun collects?

10. If Mun had a billion dollars, but had to spend it all in a weekend and lose the rest, what would they do with it?

Guess who finally got their America wig!